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Vitamin A

Good sources of Vitamin AVitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin, has 4 major functions for our body; 1) It helps cells reproduce in a normally, a process we call differentiation. Cells that do not differentiate normally are more likely to undergo pre-cancerous changes. 2) It is believed to be needed for normal reproductive function, and influences our function & development of placenta, ovaries and sperm. 3) Our bodies require Vitamin A for vision, as it maintains healthy cells in the eye and is required for the transduction of light into nerve signals in the retina. 4) It is required for normal development of the embryo and fetus, and it influences genes that determine the sequencing development of organs in embryo development.

Vitamin A Uses
Vitamin A plays an important role in proper immune function, and has been used in the past to successfully prevent & treat measles and to treat chicken pox.

Vitamin A helps mucous membranes to include those in the lungs and resist invasive microorganisms.

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